Not many people know this but we're really only trying to save up enough money to start a swanky mini golf course in downtown Grand Forks. Think Pebble Beach but with clever, tasteful, clown-less obstacles. We have the information packet from the world's best mini golf developer and things are gonna get interesting these next few months.


This is my perfect day: I am peacefully reading on the beach next to my six puppies that never age. nibbling on an endless supply of teriyaki beef jerky while a soft, familiar acoustic tune comforts me from a distance. The sun is shining, it's dusk and yet the day has just begun. A stranger passes by, notices me, and screeches like a bat. We share a hearty laugh. Working at Twin Tandem is the exact opposite of this day.


If I were to describe Twin Tandem, Paul would be the sticky peanut butter, Callie would add flavor as the sweet peach jam, and I would be the one doing all the work here. I am also the one in charge of making changes to this website so if you noticed the word "dummy" photoshopped onto Paul's shirt in his picture above, you can guess who. If you scrolled back up to check his shirt, yes I am lying. Also I don't actually do all the work here, and I, not Callie, would be the peach jam.

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