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Imagine this: a crew of creative misfits, armed with cameras and an imagination bigger than our office.

Some would call us a pint-sized powerhouse.

So, what's our secret sauce? We're the masters of turning David-sized ideas into Goliath-sized productions. From cozy local initiatives to campaigns that make the whole nation sit up and take notice, we've done it all. We're not just here to meet expectations; we're here to defy them, challenge them, and then shatter them into a million cinematic pieces.

Here at Twin Tandem, we thrive on the underdog mentality, and your project, no matter how modest or monumental, is our next masterpiece in the making. Dive into our website, meet our compact yet colossal team, and discover how Twin Tandem Studios can transform your ordinary story into an extraordinary cinematic experience.

Meet the Team

seth e.jpeg
Paul Hoplin
Founder | Director
Seth Eisenzimmer
Editor | Audio Engineer
Kate Preszler
Project Manager | Producer
Mr Tooth A_PNG Background Removed.png
Intern with us
This could be you instead of Mr. Tooth!
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