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Main video

Finalize concept

Pick our stars and schedule shooting







Overview & Goals

- Get 1000 people to attend

- Better understanding of the grant system

- Other?


2019 Longest Table promo


Sponsors for video purposes are 

  • City of GF

  • Hugos

  • UND

  • Altru

  • Community Foundation



Below is a storyboard for the main video. And here is more detail about our overall idea for the campaign:

We'd be using a few consistent themes for our content leading up to the event, after the main video is posted, those being:

- Breaking records together

- Table

- University Ave

Our thought is that, in smaller pieces of content in the days before Sep 4th, we have at least two people "standing" on a table, breaking a Grand Forks record (filmed on a safe surface in our studio/bluescreen with University Ave as the eventual backdrop). This way we can include lots of different people.



As Kathryn and/or Aubrey narrate.

- Greta and Blue break the Grand Forks record for longest hug

- Collin and Warren start consuming the Longest grinder

- GF record for Longest attempt at spelling "restaurant"

- GF record for Longest repetition of Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight" chorus

- GF record for Longest amount of time not paying a parking ticket (include a cop?)

Anyway, these mini records would feed and feed off the main video

Here is the script draft, and the storyboard is below:

Okay Grand Forks, it's time to break some records again!
Let us explain ...

Last year at the Longest Table GF event, 750 people came downtown for a record-breaking evening to discuss new ideas for improving our city

Everything from random thoughts to full-fledged blueprints had the opportunity to win funding from the Community Foundation

For 2019, we want even more people and more ideas!
We're shooting for 1000 Grand Forks residents to come join us at The Longest Table event, this time on University Ave!

Got a half-baked plan for spicing up the riverfront?
Or maybe a transportation innovation that puts Elon Musk to shame?
Come bounce your thoughts off of each other over a FREE MEAL and hash that idea out for the chance to win up to $3,000 in grant funding!

In the spirit of this big event, we'll be breaking a few smaller Grand Forks records from now until September 4th ... so stay tuned,

But these stupid things will pale in comparison to getting 1000 residents together at the Longest Table in Grand Forks history!

Seats are going fast ...

Register at the link provided, and make sure to tell friends and family so they don't miss out!
Grab your spot at the table for a record breaking evening, and exchange ideas for how we can make our city even better
Remember, you can win up to $3,000 for your idea!
Everyone is welcome!

It's the Longest Table GF event
Wednesday September 4th at 5pm
Register now and we'll see you on University Ave!

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